Wellness is for everyone. cal Fregues “Everybody needs a frega*” campaign invites all people and in any stage (men, woman, old, young, pregnant, athetes, non-sportist, tall, short, black, white...) to realize their personal idea of health.

cal Fregues is a physiotherapy center from Vilafranca del Penedès in Barcelona. Since the beginning they have focused in an holistic perspective of the human body. Offering new services for every-body.

The aim of this campaign, focusing around diversity, was to find a range of powerful&cheerful colors and a natural acting by its models. One of the most special things about this campaign was to work with their real patients. They were the real protagonists that gave veracity to this campaign.

cal Fregues           
Wellness is for everybody.

Art direction

Team / Andrea Gago (Brand strategist), Lia Marrugat (Photographer).

*frega means massage in catalan language.

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