Graphic identity and creative direction for Cofré Gourmet, Barcelona. A brand that promotes the excellence of gastronomic products crafted by traditional manufacturers using excellent raw materials.

Cofré, led by Laura Gimeno, contacted the studio to develop their graphic identity, website, packaging design and social media content strategy that would reflect the excellence of their 'gastronomic treasures,' as they describe them.
Cofré Gourmet          
Tesoros gastronómicos.
Studio Services

Brand Design
Visual identity
Art direction
Graphic design

Brand Verbal Identity
Tone of voice Copywriting (Miqui Cerdà︎︎︎)

Web design

Social Media

Before designing the identity, the studio participated in the creative process of brand positioning, defining its place in the market, target audience, and Cofré's key and distinctive message: "We want to cultivate the palates of society, revealing to everyone the sexy, exquisite, and refined side of something as common as food."